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Custom One of Kind Clothing

Ive been collecting fabrics for years from all over the world, to give woman an ability to pick something so when they walk in the room they know without a doubt that no other woman is wearing the same creation they have on.


They will be part of creating their own style. Everything is made from scratch, were the fabric for the outside, the lining, the zipper, the pocket everything is personally selected made for their body.

The customer is a part of the process of creating their own unique outfit, weather its a skirt or a dress, it will be one of a kind.


Exclusive 100% Baby Alpaca Fabric

Other designers charge outrageous prices for clothing made of mixed rayon and wool with some Baby Alpaca, but WeByJC uses 100% Baby Alpaca fabric for those creations. Using the pure product is important, not mixed not artificial.


These creations are warm and light, as most people don’t understand what true Baby Alpaca really is.


Not trying to make it cheap, it must be authenticate to preserve an uncompromising quality that defines WeByJC as the superior creation.


Every custom creation includes an in-person consultation. My mind just thinks outside of the box while making some of these creations. A wave skirt top on the waste line, with hand sewn lining.


That wrap skirt has edges finished, but my approach is different…unfinished edges wrap skirt, blue suede lamb draped over white lamb. Combining two different textures of lamb and combined them together giving it the unique look.


I think of ways to use fabrics in a different ways. Some clothing are good for dress up or even dress down, a combination of a t-shirt or flip flops with a silk blouse, the creations are always flowing. Not reinventing the wheel here, just putting my own touch on things.


Ready for the WeByJohnConley Collection

What else we provide?

Exclusive Tailor

These creations are sewn by exclusive tailors extending from London to Lima Peru. How do you want to present yourself with your own unique style, unlike buying off the rack and dressing someone else tailored style. The woman has a say-so on every step of the way of making the clothing that matches her own unique style. These tailors fit the clothing to exact specifications, a french cuff – no collar – vneck – fabric – every touching point along the process starts from scratch. Limitless

Seamstress / Dress Makers

Dedicated Colombian seamstress for any of the beaded and sequined fabric. It is very difficult to find someone to sew leather and fur in the US so all of those creations come out from Argentina for its jackets – capes – skirts. The WeByJC seamstress present a level of quality work that surpasses most of other countries. Much of the work is done by hand with occasional machine sewing, while it remains hand sewn traditional.

Quality Fabric and Clothing

Quality and uniqueness is the most fundamental cornerstone. The clothes make the woman…but to me, the Woman makes the clothes. A blouse on a maniquin it has no life, once the blouse is on the woman then it comes to life. The quality of the clothing is everything. Its all about the woman, how they want to look and feel like and more importantly how they want to present themselves in their own unique style.

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WeByJC supporters are saying

Seeing WeByJC creating is something spectacular, his passion for fashion jumps out

Creative Apparel

John’s unique sense of fashion really stands out. He has a tendency of breaking all the rules found in contemporary fashion.

James Stevens jstevens2004@yahoo.com

Building the New Rich Entertainment brand is a challenge, having seen WeByJC come to life is inspirational. John Conley men’s fashion collection really has me in awe like having that stingray coat, its so wavy!

Joseph New Rich Entertainment, New York

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We By JC Philosophy

To create unique pieces of clothing for woman that have their own style, and want to create something different at a couture level. When we work together as a team, I feel we can accomplish more then if we work as individuals.

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