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My Definition of Style


Style is something that is very personal. Its is very different and unique for each individual person. For me its all about the fit and the fabric. With a few little touches to detail. Minor details that make a major different. Its about owning the look, that you have the opportunity to be involved in the process of creating a one of a kind specialty piece. A special creation that when you enter the room it says Me By JC. A creation that is so you that one of a kind piece that no one else can have.

Style is something that belongs to each individual. Every person is different from the next. Style is something you can not purchase. Fashion is for sale. Style is something that is different for each individual. You either have style or you don’t. When you have style it is a different mind set. You know that you want to walk into a room knowing you have a look that belongs to you and your idea of how you want to dress-to-impress.

Style is the way you want to express your inner beauty. Style is the way you want to express your inner beauty. Style is taking a piece of fabric and giving it life. Having your idea and expressing yourself with a piece of fabric.

Style without intelligence is just decoration. Outer beauty never trumps inner beauty. Believe in you, and your own unique style, because you are strong capable and someone special in this world.

I believe style is about being very simple. With very few moving parts. After all, you’re the one that gives the clothes style. The clothes are not wearing you – you are wearing the clothes, giving them a life, taking them on journey through life.

Style is not a trend, its living your life with your own vision life with your own vision and ideas of what style means to you. Wearing what you want to, whenever you want to. Style is being comfortable in your clothes. Wearing your ideas from the inside to the outside. Style is very different from fashion. Style is a matter of opinion. With We By JC your opinion is all that matters. Creating a look that you will be proud to wear.

Our goals are to help and assist you plan a wardrobe you love, so you will always have something that is special, flattering, and comfortable. Something that will empower you to develop and stick to your own style. Fashion, by it very definition is always changing.

Style, however, is something altogether different. Very distinctive all by its self. Just like the way you speak or act.

Style is just like you. One of a kind. Generally speaking thinking of your style as effortless – if you’ve got it, you were born with it.

Determining what works best for you. That’s why WE started the Company WE BY JC. We know its all too easy to get caught up in the latest-and-greatest, the hottest and the most of the moment TRENDS. We at WE BY JC are here to help and guide you in developing your own style.

Buying trendy pieces has not won anyone a spot on best dressed list. Even in Hollywood or in History. We are here to help you express and develop your own style. Having style and being able to express yourself is a lot of fun. We want to help you decide for yourself what your own style is. And most of all, let you enjoy the process of creating your own style. That is just as special as you are.

Style is a vision, your vision of how you feel about yourself and how you wan to express yourself as an individual. WE will advise, encourage and help you through the entire process. Above all WE are a reality, out of the box thinking partner. WE will help you analyze what works and what doesn’t work for you.

WE will take the time to help you develop a personal style that you will be a part of Bringing the best style for you. Being in Style is your Vision and how you want to express yourself. Not someone elses opinion or design to live and wear your imagination, with ease and confidence.

Our goals are to help you plan and create your own vision and style just for you.

We want to help you focus on whats right for your body and your lifestyle. And give you the confidence to pursue your vision and style that gives you the look you have Dreamed of Wearing. A look that will be, special and one of a kind.

Our ultimate goal is to help you have the look that will exceed your expectations. To show the world that you have your own style. That your beautiful from the inside out. That your inner beauty shines through in your own special style.

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